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Amanda Auburn is an upstanding but rigid rookie knight on a quest to find a dangerous artifact. She joins a crew of puckish "treasure hunters", and their adventure gives Amanda new insights on what it means to be heroic.

This version of the game contains the first four chapters of a "short story" I wrote for the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2018.

The jam's theme was "When in Rome...". Amanda's story is about how her concept of heroism gradually evolves by her association with a motley crew of anti-heroes.

Tip: Click on the Chapter Titles to advance to the next scene. I haven't figured out how to do it automatically yet. Hopefully, I will have it sorted out by the next update. :D

The first version of this game has limited branching choices and some of the parts were cut out. Also, no music or sound effects, yet.

Updates in the future, most definitely! We'll have more branching paths, music, image galleries, and at least eight more chapters. :D

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Amanda Auburn and The Aberrant Alliance version 1.zip 42 MB

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