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Haha, I was playing through this game when I came to a halt. Zozo appeared on my screen, my name is Zozo :) I carried on until I realised she too is from Australia just like me... but it got creepy when she said NACHO'S cause I had just eaten nacho's for dinner.  I LOVE IT :)

Haha! What a fun coincidence! :D I love Zozo's character and I had plans for making her own featured story or game. That project is in the early draft phase at the this point, but Zozo will definitely be back. :)

Cute and simple, I enjoyed the game. Would love to hae this be a longer running game, with more projects and pluses and minues to more aspects. But overall, it was good.

thank you, LunarKnight! I'm glad you liked the game! Natalie and friends will be back! I'm working on new stories that I hope to publish in 2018. :)